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i haven’t seen a sunset since moving into the new house. a blockage of oaks, maples, and other houses block the view. i always know when the sun is sinking, but i never get to watch him as he disappears for the day.

i used to say goodnight to him every evening, as he bathed the field behind my parent’s house in sweet, creamy pastels. i never once had to strain to see his brilliant artwork, it was there - hanging in my own private exhibit.

that doesn’t happen anymore. yesterday while i cooked dinner for my boyfriend as he frantically arranged music, my wrinkly-faced bulldog waiting patiently at my feet for any dropped goodies…i noticed something. 

over the tops of the auburning leaves, neon pinks spotted the skyline, a subtle lavender outlining the tops of the trees. i stood there for a second, marveling in what was the first bit of sunset i had seen from our home.

it wasn’t until then that it dawned on me. i don’t see the sunset anymore because my life is about the sunrise. that frantic boyfriend in my living room will be my husband in three days. the dog at my feet was a wish six years in the making.

the days of my life are just beginning, they are just rising and encouraging me to wake up and live. i shouldn’t focus on the end, despite how beautiful it will be. my sun will set, eventually. and during those years i can again say goodnight to my bright friend. 

in five days, everything will change.